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Last updated: March 2021

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Book Review Information

By arrangement with the Johns Hopkins Press, the Journal publishes approximately sixty reviews annually. The Book Review Office (Boston College Philosophy Department, 140 Commonwealth Avenue, Chestnut Hill, MA, 02467-3859, USA) receives complimentary review copies from North American publishers and, occasionally, from authors; all such books with history of philosophy content are included in the quarterly list of Books Received. Authors are advised that, because European publishers normally provide online catalogs rather than review copies, it is wise to bring publications to the attention of the Book Review Editor, Jean-Luc Solère <solere@bc.edu>, for consideration.

The policy of the Board of Directors is to commission impartial reviewers, accepting no unsolicited reviews; every effort is made to avoid actual and perceived conflicts of interest. When conflicts are unavoidable, they are disclosed. Reviews are original work, neither having appeared, nor scheduled to appear or be presented, elsewhere. Academics and independent scholars with the PhD or equivalent who, in principle, would like to review for the Journal are welcome to send their CVs to the Book Review Editor, Jean-Luc Solère <solere@bc.edu>. Reviewers are normally asked to submit their 800-word reviews within three months, and all reviews must appear within three years of the date of a book’s publication.

Most Journal readers are professional historians of philosophy, or their students, so original language scholarship that makes detailed use of primary philosophical texts, focusing on interpretation or argumentation, is preferred. Ideally, reviews provide an expert evaluation of the philosophical significance of a monograph or edited collection, written for other historians of philosophy who may not know that particular field. Most readers want to know whether they should be consulting this book themselves, or acquiring it for their college or university libraries.

The Journal does not review previously published material or translations of works available in modern European languages. Works of peripheral interest to historians of philosophy—in history of ideas, biography, political theory, the arts, or history—cannot be accommodated within the limited space available for reviews. Only very rarely are dictionaries, guides, or companions reviewed, perhaps if devoted to an understudied figure or period.